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Bruce Shapiro reports on Chicago Police scandal: Reinventing Australia's economy; WA Stolen Wages

February 25th, 2015

Episode 141 of 662 episodes

Bruce Shapiro reports on the challenge to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's position, a sensational investigative series by the Guardian newspaper is looking at allegations of torture by Chicago's Police Department, complete with the city's own 'black site', similar to Guantanamo Bay. And Bruce also reports on President Obama's first-ever veto, the Keystone pipeline bill, and brinkmanship over Homeland Security funding. Now towards the end of our resources boom, it seems that reinventing the Australian manufacturing sector is one of the most pressing challenges. The past 30 years has seen a seven per cent drop in Australian manufacturing and the decline is predicted to continue. Those countries with the best performing economies who survived the GFC include Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, and they have sophisticated high-tech manufacturing sectors. So can Australia also make the switch from a resource based economy to greater global competitiveness? From 1905 to 1972, the West Australian government controlled monies paid to Aboriginal people. These controls impacted on where they could go, whee they could work, there they lived and where they travelled. Under legislation, at least three-quarters of monies earned was paid into trust accounts. In 2012, Western Australia became the third state to offer compensation, but the amount of $2,000 dollars was criticised by many who also want recognition of the Aboriginal labour and the benefit the state accrued from the pastoral industry in the twentieth century.

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