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Frozen berries and food contamination; Life for ordinary North Koreans; the Buena Vista Social Club, says adios

February 26th, 2015

Episode 142 of 662 episodes

Frozen berries and food contamination; Abandoned by the state which had once fed and supported them, during the famines of the 1990s the North Koreans lost faith in the communist or collectivized system, and have since worked to make money in whatever way they can.Today North Koreans thrive pretty much on the proceeds of capitalism, through private trade, bribery and other forms of influence. Everybody does it, but nobody admits it. In 1996 the Buena Vista Social Club became a world sensation with the release of their first recording. Over eight million copies were sold of their first album. Since then, there has been a number of Cuban musicians who have performed under the banner including some of the original members. With the release of a new CD including tracks never heard before but recorded in the Egrem Studios in Havana, the Buena Vista Social Club has embarked on their farewell tour.

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