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Orphanage tourism, Tara Winkler and Sinet Chan, Documenting Genocide; Youk Chhang

October 1st, 2015

Episode 269 of 662 episodes

After rescuing a group of children from an abusive orphanage in Cambodia and establishing her own home to care for these kids, Tara Winkler discovered these children were not orphans at all - they had just come from poor homes. This led to some shocking findings about the increasing number of fake orphanages appearing in Cambodia, preying on the sympathies of uninformed tourists. This ensures children are not only separated from family, but exacerbates the risk of exploitation and abuse by paedophiles. In cooperation with local authorities, families and the Cambodian government, Tara has established the Cambodian Children's Trust, a complete family based model of care and education for children and their families in need.

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