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The rise of Podema - Spain's anti-austerity party; Kidnapped in West Papua; in search of my school bully

May 21st, 2015

Episode 191 of 662 episodes

The rise of Podema, Spain's anti-austerity party; Podemos, an anti-austerity party that’s been compared to Greece’s Syriza, could herald a new era in Spanish politics. The party became a key force in the parliament of Spain's autonomous region of Andalusia after winning fifteen seats in elections in March. More elections are due this coming weekend when Spaniards cast their votes for the leaders of 13 regions and some 8,000 mayors. Led by the very charismatic, thirty-six year old Pablo Iglesias, the party managed to win five seats in the European parliament in 2014. So how far might Pablo Iglesias and Podemos go in Spanish politics? Some think this grassroots party could win power, while others are suggesting that its popularity has declined amid rumours of corruption and ‘big mistakes’ made in recent months.

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