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This week in Canberra; The rise of cyber-military industrial complex; Remembering Des Ball, the man who saved the world

October 17th, 2016

Episode 503 of 662 episodes

Who is winning the battle of the legal Godzillas? Will Malcolm Turnbull be able to finally land a punch against the unions - all these and other questions answered when Laura Tingle takes Canberra's pulse. In January 1961, retiring Republican president, Dwight Eisenhowerwarned of the unaccountabilityof an emerging military industrial complex. He was concerned about the increased power of private defence companieswho, year after year would get lucrative contracts with the US government. In January 2017, willPresident Obama need to warn US citizens of a new threat - the cyber military industrial complex? Remembering Professor Desmond Ball AO died last week after a long illness. Des was a brilliant scholar, a leading strategic thinker in one of the most difficult areas of global politics, intelligence and security. Des Ball wrote over 40 books from the ground breaking study of US bases in Australia, 'A suitable piece of real estate' to 'The Boys in Black: The Thahan Phran (Rangers), Thailand’s Para-military Border Guards.

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