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Find out about it - use it - live it - love it! Coach Karen Luniw talks about the Law of Attraction and how to use this amazingly simple concept in everyday life to get more of what you want from your relationships, money and health situations. Learn more about what they talked about in 'The Secret' the movie Oprah loved!


Episode 38 - Moving from Scattered to Focus on Demand with Lynne Brodie

January 5th, 2011

Episode 40 of 99 episodes

In this podcast, Karen interviews Lynne Brodie who is a Master Teacher and Coach, an Advanced Business Intuitive, Healer and a Visionary Consultant who lights the path to your business success. She has a gift of inspiration to transform people's lives through a connection of providing inner wisdom to your soul - that deep sense of knowing. Lynne will share why we often get scattered and what steps to start taking to move from being scattered to getting focus on demand. Here's the link to the info Lynne talks about during the podcast http://www.lynnebrodie.com/attraction.html For more information about Karen and her products and services go to http://www.karenluniw.com

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