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Find out about it - use it - live it - love it! Coach Karen Luniw talks about the Law of Attraction and how to use this amazingly simple concept in everyday life to get more of what you want from your relationships, money and health situations. Learn more about what they talked about in 'The Secret' the movie Oprah loved!


Episode 7 - Step 4 – Allow It! plus Audience Questions

May 12th, 2007

Episode 8 of 99 episodes

In Episode 7 – Coach Karen starts the process of telling you why we have problems with allowing what we want into our life. If you want to attract success, attract love, attract health – but it’s not coming – get some help from this podcast. Find out about this and more when Coach Karen walks you through the exciting Law of Attraction. Audience questions that Karen answers include how to find your passion and how to alleviate financial stress. You watched ‘The Secret’ and ‘What the Bleep’ and now you just need to know more about how to use this in your daily life. Well, you’ve found the perfect spot to get your questions answered. Check out the podcast and see why thousands of people are downloading what Karen has to say. As always, she’ll leave you thinking… Subscribe to her free tips letter "The Law of Attraction Tips" - go to http://www.thelawofattractiontips.com and make sure you pass it on to someone who's attracting it! People from all corners of the world are reading and listening!! Karen is now available for private coaching sessions, group sessions and speaking engagements. Interested? Email [email protected]

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