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054 - Learn to Speak German - Vocabulary Drill

December 27th, 2007

Episode 79 of 156 episodes

This is a German vocabulary drill unit. We will repeat the vocabulary of the last few sessions. For this, I will say the English word, give you time to speak the German translation and then I will give the correct answer, giving you time to repeat it once more. Feel free to listen repeatedly to this lesson to "drill" the words.Todays pictures shows my brother Michael in the garden of my parents. He is playing with a remote controled airplane, one of his Christmas presents. Give us men a toy that moves and makes noise and we turn back into children at once .-)gesund = healthyder Zauberer = wizardder Furz = fartder Arzt/die Ärztin = doctordie Krankenschwester = nursedie Sprechstundenhilfe = receptionistdas Wartezimmer = waiting roomdie Zeitschrift = magazinedie Krankheit = illnessdie Grippe = fludie Erkältung = common coldder Schnupfen = common coldder Husten = coughdas Halsweh = sore throatdie Halsschmerzen = sore throatuntersuchen = to examineausziehen = to undressder Kürbis = pumpkindas Grossraumbüro = open-plan office, cube farmdas Papier = paperder Schreibtisch = deskder Computer = computerdie Tastatur = keyboardder Monitor = screendie Maus = mouseder Bleistift = pencildie Sitzung = meetingdas Telefon = telephoneder Schrank = lockerder Stuhl = chairfluchen = to sweardie Rolltreppe = moving stairsder Fahrstuhl = elevatorLuzern, 26.12.2007Stephan WiesnerUse this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com

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