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066 - Learn to Speak German - Learn German with Bitesizedlanguages

July 17th, 2008

Episode 102 of 156 episodes

In today's lesson we will learn some German vocabulary. First I need to apologize, though, for not posting regularly anymore. I started a new job on the first of July and had to get into the new company. It is a IT consulting company in Zürich and I joined my first project for them in Bern last Monday, so again everything new and a lot to learn. Furthermore I met a wonderful woman, or met again, I should say, which did not quite turn out the way it should have, though. Finally: I joined http://www.bitesizedlanguages.com/, a daily mail sender with sentences for different languages. I use them for my learning of French and Spanish and starting soon you can receive a daily phrase in Germen as well. We are discussing some exciting new features, but currently you can only register (for free) and receive a daily sentence of German (translated by me). We will therefore learn some new vocabulary today. And if you register with http://www.bitesizedlanguages.com/ you will see those words again – in a different context to help you remember them. piece of jewellery das Schmuckstück umbrella der Regenschirm map die Karte slowly langsam office das Büro diet die Diät degree das Grad subject das Thema to rip / to tear zerreissen to bring bringen unforgettable unvergesslich all the best alles Gute This month's star sign: Leo Das Sternzeichen des Monats: der Löwe while während Bless you! Gesundheit! nonsense der Quatsch The picture was taken at about 10000 feet in mid June. So if you are planning to come to Switzerland, better pack your warm clothes .-)Luzern, 17.07.2008Stephan WiesnerUse this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com

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