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071 - Learn to Speak German - German Survival Phrases - Wo ist der Bahnhof?

December 13th, 2008

Episode 109 of 156 episodes

Most cities in Germany or Switzerland have a train station and in most cases this is located at or near the center of town. So, even if you do not travel by train, it is always a good idea to know where the train station is located.That is why we will learn to ask for directions to the train station (Bahnhof) or other points of interest today.train station - der Bahnhofwhere - wois - istcity hall - das Rathausmetro - die U-Bahnleft - linksright - rechtsThe mountains on the photo are called Grosser und Kleiner Mythen and are right next to the town called Schwyz. They are quite famous and can be seen from most of central Switzerland.Luzern, 13.12.2008Stephan WiesnerUse this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com

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