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100 - Learn to Speak German - A new Beginning

September 26th, 2009

Episode 113 of 156 episodes

Welcome to German Podcast.de dem Podcast zum Deutsch lernen.All your mails and comments made me change my mind about the German podcast: I will continue with it!This lesson is not a German lesson, but an introduction. I will continue the next few lessons with text excerpts and exercises from the book Learn German with a story, which you can buy at amazon or lulu.com (link on the homepage), so you might want to order it. Its only 2.5 EUR and available as a download or printed book.Please download the Flashcards with German Vocabulary.Note about the old lessons Please note that there are old lessons from previous years. I restarted the Podcast in the autumn 2009 and the new lessons start with the number 100. Please note that there is a gap in the numbering.The picture displays the famous Mt. Matterhorn, probably the most famous Mountain of Switzerland and some alpinists on their way to climp Mt. Dom, near Zermatt. The Dom is the highest Mountain in Switzerland. I took the picture on my way to Mt. Lenzspitze. The video is taken before dawn, when we left the glacier a few minutes before I took the picture.About the PodcastThis podcast will help you learn to understand and even speak German. There are currently three types of German lessons available:Beginners German lessons: These start with the very first words in German and will build upon each other. Please start with lesson 100 and follow them in the order of their numbering. Some of these lessons will even teach you basic German grammar. Special Topics (advanced): Some lessons will have a special topic. These lessons are for advanced listeners and are therefore mostly in German. I do provide some vocabulary and there will be special information to download and help you further. Examples might be a lesson about Bern, the capital of Switzerland, where I currently work. Or a lesson about making hotel reservations or about fruits and vegetables. Freerider lessons: Lessons with all kind of stuff that doesn’t fit into any other category.How does the Podcast work?Start by subscribing to the podcast. It is free! Go to this page: http://feeds.feedburner.com/German-podcast and click on the subscribe button on the right. Or use iTunes: Open iTunes, search for German and choose subscribe to this podcast.Most of my listeners use iTunes (download it for free from Apple), but you can use a varity of tools. Each new episode will be downloaded automatically with this subscription.The more active YOU work, the more YOU will profit from the podcast. I provide a lot of different exercises and it is up to you to use them. Let’s face it: You will not learn to speak German by just passively listening to a single lesson a week . . .Specials Please visit the homepage of the podcast: http://german-podcast.blogspot.com/. I will provide a lot of extra goodies with the German podcast. Some, but not all, are free. Examples include:FlashcardsPersonally I have an IPod nano and those can display pictures as well as text. I will provide you with flashcards for the lessons, so that you can learn some vocabulary on your IPod, while you listen to your favourite music. This should work with all devices that can display pictures.Transcripts Though I will not provide complete transcripts of the lessons (who wants to read those?), I do provide some text. Check out the homepage to see what you will find.Interviews and videosFrom time to time I interview friends of mine or even make a small movie. The interviews will help you prepare for different speakers and local accents.MoneyIt is expensive to host so many large audio and video files and it takes an enormous amount of work to produce the lessons. So, if you like the podcast, please feel free to donate something (link on the homepage). Furthermore I will provide some extra stuff that you can download only if you pay for it. This includes the texts I use for the beginners lessons and extra information or exercises for some lessons. They are very cheap, so please grab them all :-) Seriously, if everybody of you buys some of the stuff I can offer you more of my time, improving on the podcast and offering you better services. So everybody wins . . .Disclaimer I am German, from the northern part of Germany (near Hamburg). I therefore speak what we call “reines Hochdeutsch”. This means that I do not have a German accent. During some of the lessons you will hear other people speak and some of them come from different parts of Germany or Switzerland and I will point out how there accents are different.Please note that I have never lived for a long period in an English speaking country and I am told that I do have a strong German accent when speaking English. I do make mistakes when I write or speak English. Sorry for that and please feel free to drop me an email if you have feel the need to point out some of those mistakes. My German, however, should be correct.Lucerne, 26.09.2009Stephan Wiesner Use this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com

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