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108 - Learn to Speak German - Ferien in Chile

December 20th, 2009

Episode 121 of 156 episodes

In todays German lesson I will tell you about my trip to Chile in January. Sorry about the sound quality. I still could not make my soundcard work properly so I used my movile phone and converted the files to mp3 files for the upload to itunes.This might actually be a good exercise for you to get a feeling about how it would be to talk to somebody on the phone . . . .In Chile we will start in Putre and the Lauca National Parc in the north of Chile. For more information. You can see some pictures and read about the parc at Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauca_National_ParkThe picture from Google Earth shows Mt. Parinacota as seen from the Lauca National Parc. And here is a map of the area. As you can see it is quite a wilderness....And here is an overview of the region around ojos del salado. It is right next to the border to Argentinia (Argentinien) and there are some beautiful lakes and even some hot springs to soak in and get warm again :-)Größere KartenansichtBern, 20.12.2009Stephan WiesnerUse this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com

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