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German Podcast Android App Bugfixes

February 25th, 2012

Episode 155 of 156 episodes

There are two bugs in the Android App which I fixed and which will force you to follow these steps to get the results:- open any file browser and delete lessons 2 and 4- restart the app and open those lessons from the app. The lessons will be downloaded again and all should be fine. You will NOT loose any data (cross my fingers)The fixes are- 2 Minute pause in lesson 2- no vocabulary file in lesson 4 (see screenshot below)By the way, if you are done with a lesson and need the space, you can just delete the .mp3 file. You will still have the lesson text, just no sound.I did not udate the paid version. In fact I removed it from the market. There were just 6 people who bought it, so this is clearly not worth my time. If you want you can change to the free version and will still have the downloads. You can export/import your vocabulary if you want to keep it. If you are fine without lesson 2 there is no need to change the version.Hope this works for you,Luzern, 25.02.2012Stephan WiesnerUse this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com

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