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Hiking Acatenango

April 21st, 2008

Episode 95 of 156 episodes

Last weekend I hiked the volcano (der Vulkan) Acatenango in Guatemala with O.X. Outdoor Excursions (http://www.guatemalavolcano.com/). The Acatenango is supposed to be the most difficult volcano in central america. However, I found it very easy. Technically that is. The hike (die Wanderung) in thin air with a big bagback (der Rucksack) is a different story, though . . .There is a good trail (der Pfad) leading up to the top and you could hike it in sneakers (though I recommend hiking boots).We slept at 13000 feets and had a perfect sunrise (der Sonnenaufgang). The view is fantastic and the guide from O. X., an adventure outfit from Antigua, really did a good job. He made quite an effort to get us comfortable and the trip was not expensive at all (79$ including food and equipment). However: Most of us really suffered from the altitude (die Hoehenkrankheit). Going from 1500m to 4000m and sleeping there in only one day really does not make sense. So, if you are not used to the height, you might prefer the daytrip or do another volcano a few days before to get used to it...One final tip: Bring plenty of water. O.X. provides excellent food, but the recomended 4.5 litres might not last on hot days...A sad side note: While we watched the sunrise some teenagers stole three of our bagpacks. Imaging that: At 13000 feet some youngsters steal your empty bagback! As beautiful as Guatemala is, sometimes it can be, well, you know what I mean. The good thing is, that the police really made an effort to find the kids.My new plan is that I will most likely spend two more weeks here working on my spanish. Afterwards I will travel on to Honduras to do a diving course (der Tauchkurs). Something I have never done before but really would like to try...Greetings from Antigua,Stephan21.04.2008Use this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com

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