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Learn Japanese with our free Japanese HD Videos. We use examples from anime and everyday conversation to teach you Japanese that is useful for everyday life. Hitomi-sensei is from Tokyo and will teach you to speak with the most common Japanese accent. If you're watching an anime now and want to know more about a word or phrase you've heard, post a comment or send us an email.


Japancast HD Video Episode 111

February 9th, 2014

Episode 12 of 13 episodes

We talk about "gi" as well as why it's sometimes not a good idea to call yourself "otaku". Plus we need your help! Head to http://patreon.com/japancast for more info! Make sure to visit us: http://japancast.net- our main page http://facebook.com/japancast- FB fan page http://shop.japancast.net- anime t-shirts, messenger bags, and more. http://u.japancast.net- Japancast University - inexpensive Japanese lessons.

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