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This beginners meditation course features a variety of meditation techniques including mantra, meditating with the breath and music, concentration and meditation on a object. Each class includes a discussion topic and a guided meditation exercise. The Meditation Society of Australia (http://meditation.org.au) has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.


Class 31 - Getting Stuck

September 3rd, 2008

Episode 32 of 51 episodes

Topics Include: - how to get out of a spiritual funk - learn if you are on the right path, working at the right job or if you have found your soul-mate. - widen your meditation experience with group meditation The spiritual seekers worst nightmare In the spiritual community, a common theme is of getting stuck. We wonder if we are on the right path, whether we are working at the right job, if we are doing what our heart is telling us to do, whether our friends really understand us, whether we should move from our current location in the city to in the country with the cows and the forests, or from the country to the city, or from this city to another city. We wonder where our soulmate is, or if this is our soulmate? Whether we should be Buddhist or Hindu or Christian or Muslim or this sect or that cult. We wonder why in every moment it is not blatantly obvious that we are living our absolute highest? "To progress, we have to change.." The reality is that there is no career, there is no soul mate, there is no place, no city, no country, no one else that can add very much to our spiritual life if we are not present. We must realize that every day is not rainy. Every day is not sunny. Some days there are floods and tornados and some days there are storms and rainbows, and some days are just like any other day. But every day is perfect and there is only one answer to being stuck and that is the flow of love. We cannot blame our place or our wife or our job, if we want to live a higher life, we need to stop, be in the present moment and offer and/or receive love. It is that simple. If we are not happy, or indeed if we are not as happy as we were formerly, there is only one answer, the flow of love. We need to stop and be. In the flow of love. We tend to believe that if we had another job with more money and less financial strain then we would be able to meditate more. That if my life wasnt so stressful, then I would be able to be in my heart. That if I find my soul mate, then I will be more spiritual. That I have so much to do to just function in my normal day to day life that I have no time to meditate or to be in the flow of love. That I have kids or my wife is sick or I just got fired or I was abused when I was a kid, or I am too fat or too thin, or I am addicted to drugs or alcoholic or whatever the story, because that is what all these things are, our stories. The stories of our egos, the soap operas of our minds.

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