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Parental Advisory


Congratulations! You have Made it to the end of the LEGO Ninjago training program for ninjas. But, before you can graduate and call yourself a true Master of Spinjitzu, PJ and Timbo have one more important lesson for you. Download this cool video to find out how to continue building your ninja strength and power!

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To be a LEGO Ninjago ninja, you must be able to do the unthinkable! In this lesson, Sensei Wu teaches Kal a valuable Spinjitzu technique... how to spin on his head! Can you beat Kal's spinning record?

Do you have what it takes to be a LEGO Ninjago Master of Spinjitzu? To become a true Master, you must find your opponent's weakness. Watch this Master Class video to learn how to set up your very own target practice.

Watch LEGO Minifigures come to life by downloading this video short. Which minifigure will be the one to hit the bull's eye on the dunk tank to send our SCUBA friend into the water?