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Random Observations on Art, Photography, and the Creative Process. These short 2-4 minute talks focus on the creative process in fine art photography. LensWork editor Brooks Jensen side-steps techno-talk and artspeak to offer a stimulating mix of ideas, experience, and observations from his 35 years as a fine art photographer, writer, and publisher. Topics include a wide range of subjects from finding subject matter to presenting your work and building an audience. Brooks Jensen is the publisher of LensWork, one of the world's most respected and award-winning photography publications, known for its museum-book quality printing and luxurious design. LensWork has subscribers in over 73 countries. His latest books are "The Creative Life in Photography" (2013) and "Looking at Images (2014).


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LW0999 - I Volunteered

February 21st, 2017

The birth of LensWork was the unexpected consequence of volunteering to do a task because I wanted to learn something. Who'd have guessed it would lead to Podcast #999? You might be interested in . . . We are delighted to announce our next publication in the LensWork Monograph series, Peripheral Vision by Chuck Kimmerle. To receive this 72-page...

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LW0998 - Non-negotiables

February 16th, 2017

A short break from creativity to talk about cameras. Here are the five camera features I now consider to be my "non-negotiable" list when considering a new camera. You might be interested in . . . Little did we know the excitement we generated in the photographic community when we started promoting the idea of 6-image projects. Last year's...

In the pantheon of art media, photography occupies a unique position that allows us to tell a story, but with sufficient time for reflection and developing a deeper understanding. It is so unfortunate that photography, when presented like a painting - in a frame on the wall - tends to promote viewing with a glance. This viewing habit leaves...

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LW0996 - Digital Picture Frames

February 9th, 2017

I finally had a chance to look at a new 4K digital picture frame. Fantastic - and, my goodness, where is this leading us? Is it time to consider how this game changer might be changing photography? If not today, should we at least start thinking about what digital frames might imply in the future as the technology continues to evolve? You might...