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Random Observations on Art, Photography, and the Creative Process. These short 2-4 minute talks focus on the creative process in fine art photography. LensWork editor Brooks Jensen side-steps techno-talk and artspeak to offer a stimulating mix of ideas, experience, and observations from his 35 years as a fine art photographer, writer, and publisher. Topics include a wide range of subjects from finding subject matter to presenting your work and building an audience. Brooks Jensen is the publisher of LensWork, one of the world's most respected and award-winning photography publications, known for its museum-book quality printing and luxurious design. LensWork has subscribers in over 73 countries. His latest books are "The Creative Life in Photography" (2013) and "Looking at Images (2014).


LW0926 - High Frequency Images

July 2nd, 2015

Episode 56 of 155 episodes

I've recently starting thinking about high frequency images and the different categories of subjects this entails. In the past, I've tended to conflate all high frequency images into a single group, but I'm beginning to see that this was a strategic mistake. No answers yet, but I think the questions are going to be useful.

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