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Your daily Italian language podcast where you will learn to speak Italian in just minutes a day. We start from the very beginning and learn popular phrases, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, all in easy to digest lessons never more than 5 minutes in length, 5 days a week. Subscribe, download, listen, and LET'S SPEAK ITALIAN!


Lesson #037, Tuesday

April 21st, 2015

Episode 117 of 121 episodes

capire = to understand finire = to finish, to end preferire = to prefer To conjugate these types of verbs, you will drop the 'ire' and: io = add 'isco' tu = add 'isci' Lei/lui/lei = add 'isce' noi = add 'iamo' voi = add 'ite' loro = add 'iscono' Then to conjugate the verb 'capire': io capisco tu capisci Lei/lui/lei capisce noi capiamo voi capite loro capiscono Il ragazzo capisce la linga l'italiana. = The boy understands the Italian language. Noi preferiamo dormire. = We prefer to sleep. Tu preferisci mangiare? = Do you prefer to eat? Io finisco il discorso. = I finish the speech. Le ragazze capiscono l'insegnante. = The girls understand the teacher.

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