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Your daily Italian language podcast where you will learn to speak Italian in just minutes a day. We start from the very beginning and learn popular phrases, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, all in easy to digest lessons never more than 5 minutes in length, 5 days a week. Subscribe, download, listen, and LET'S SPEAK ITALIAN!


Lesson #051, Monday

December 1st, 2014

Episode 25 of 121 episodes

che cosa = what. Che cosa mangiate? = What are you eating? Mangiamo la pizza. = We are eating pizza. quale = which. Quale libro legge? = Which book are you reading? Leggo un libro italiano. = I am reading an Italian book. chi = who. Chi studia l'italiano? = Who studies Italian? Noi studiamo l'italiano. = We study Italian. perche' = why. Perche' lei mangia la carne? = Why do you eat meat? Mangio la carne perche' mi piace. = I eat meat because I like it.

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