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Lesson #073, Wednesday

December 31st, 2014

Episode 47 of 121 episodes

dovere = to have to. Can also be translated to the English word 'must.' io devo = I have to, I must tu devi = you have to, you must (informal) Lei deve = you have to, you must (formal) lui/lei deve = he/she has to, he/she must noi dobbiamo = we have to, we must voi dovete = you have to, you must (plural) loro devono = they have to, they must L'insegnante deve preparare la lezione. = The teacher has to prepare the lesson. Dovete lavorare ogni giorno. = You (plural) must work every day. Chi deve studiare il libro? = Who must study the book? Le ragazze devono andare al negozio. = The girls must go to the store. Il bambino deve ascoltare meglio. = The child must listen better. A che ora devi andare in classe? = What time do you have to go to class? Perche' devo portare una cravatta? = Why must I wear a tie? Quando dobbiamo avere i soldi? = When do we have to have the money?

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