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Your daily Italian language podcast where you will learn to speak Italian in just minutes a day. We start from the very beginning and learn popular phrases, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, all in easy to digest lessons never more than 5 minutes in length, 5 days a week. Subscribe, download, listen, and LET'S SPEAK ITALIAN!


Week #001 Review, Monday

October 13th, 2014

Episode 6 of 121 episodes

Ciao = Hi, bye Salve = Hello Buongiorno = Good morning, good day Buonasera = Good evening (Tanto) Piacere = (So) Nice to meet you Molto lieto/lieta = Very pleased to meet you Scusa = Excuse me (informal) Scusi = Excuse me (formal) Come ti chiami? = What is your name? (informal) Come si chiama? = What is your name? (formal) Mi chiamo... = My name is... E tu? = And you? (informal) E Lei? = And you? (formal) Come stai? = How are you? (informal) Come sta? = How are you? (formal) Come va? = How's it going? Sto bene = I'm fine Sto benone = I'm terrific Sto benissimo = I'm very well Sto molto bene = I'm very well Sto abbastanza bene = I'm quite well, or I'm well enough Sto cosi' cosi' = I'm so-so Sto male = I'm badly Non sto bene = I'm not well Non c'e' male = Not too bad Bene, grazie, e tu? = Fine, thank you, and you? (informal) Bene, grazie e Lei? = Fine, thank you, and you? (formal) Signore = Mr. Signora = Mrs. Signorina = Miss Avvocato = Lawyer Ingegnere = Engineer Professore = Masculine professor Professoressa = Feminine professor Dottore = Masculine doctor Dottoressa = Feminine doctor Insegnante = Teacher On those masculine titles that end with 'ore'; the final 'e' is dropped before the person's last name: Signor Bianchi = Mr. Bianchi Professor Ricci = Professor Ricci Feminine titles remain unchanged. Ciao = Bye (also means Hi) Arrivederci = Good-bye (informal) ArriverderLa = Good-bye (formal) A presto = See you soon Alla prossima = Until next time Ci vediamo = See you later Addio = Farewell

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