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The Life Habits mentoring podcast series helps you learn new habits in order to stay sane in this crazy world. We all have good and bad habits in all aspect of our lives, at work, at home, with friends and associates, in relationships and in our approach to health, spirituality, and our overall outlook on life. We often don’t know that we have certain bad habits and when we do, they’re often difficult to break. Similarly, we often aren’t aware of new habits that would be really good for us and often need to learn ways of forming these good habits and making them stick. Join Karel Vredenburg for this podcast series and optimize your life!


LH9 - Fitness for Life

May 26th, 2008

Episode 9 of 97 episodes

This episode deals with the important topic of fitness both in terms of doing it for life and gleaning the benefits that include a better and longer life. After reading some famous quotes on the topic of fitness, Karel provides 10 things to think about regarding fitness. The first three deal with ways of thinking about the importance and the benefits of optimal fitness and the remaining seven deal with the development of specific fitness habits. This guidance assumes that you are in contact with your doctor to ensure that there are no medical reasons that would prevent you from engaging in an exercise program.

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