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On the 19th August, 14 CE, 767 years after the founding of Rome, nearly exactly 2001 years ago, the first Emperor of Rome, Augustus, finally died, at 75 years of age. His great-uncle and adoptive father, Julius Caesar, the most brilliant and successful general in Rome’s history, had been assassinated aged 56 after being the dictator of Rome for only 5 years. Augustus, on the other hand, thrust into the limelight at age 18, with no military or political experience, ruled Rome either as one-third of a triumvirate or by himself for 58 years and died, probably of natural causes, while still in power. His reign laid the foundations of a regime that lasted, in one form or another, for nearly fifteen hundred years through the ultimate decline of the Western Roman Empire and until the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. He was one of the most influential figures in all of Western history - and yet I bet most of you hardly know anything about him.<br /> <br /> WELL - THIS IS HIS STORY.<br /> <br /> It's a story that contains shipwrecks, human sacrifice, betrayal, hairbreadth escapes, unbridled sex, battles on land and at sea, ambushes, family scandals, and above all the unforgiving pursuit of absolute power.<br /> <br /> Join veteran podcasters Ray Harris (The World War II Podcast) and Cameron Reilly (The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast) as they go on a journey to discover the true story about Augustus Caesar.<br /> <br /> WARNING: This podcast contains jokes, rude words and music.

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Life Of Caesar #47 – The Aftermath, Part I

September 15th, 2015

Episode 71 of 154 episodes

Okay so... we screwed up. We thought Episode #46 was going to be our last episode but it looks like it might take another couple to finish this part of the story properly. Wetriedto start the Augustus story but he doesn't turn up for another week or so in the timeline. And it just didn't feel right. So instead, you're getting two BONUS episodes, dealing with the immediate aftermath of the assassination. We hope you enjoy them! This is Part I. Part II will be out next week. And THEN we will start THE LIFE OF AUGUSTUS. We promise. On this episode - Brutus, Cassius, Decimus, and the rest of the assassins take refuge on the Capitoline Hill while they wait to see what Caesar's supporters, lead by Mark Antony and Lepidus, do. Cicero goes up to congratulate them. Dolabella betrays Caesar and joins them. Even Caesar's former brother-in-law, Cinna, joins the assassins and denounces Caesar. We cover the events of March 15 - 17, 44BCE. ------- Discuss the episode on the TPN Forum. ------- HOW TO LISTEN: Listen On Your Computer Flick the PLAY button up aboveor, to listen to old episodes, go toour podcast section, click on the episode you want to listen to, and click on the play button. You can also listen on: YouTubeorSoundCloud Listen On Your Mobile Usethis feedto subscribe in some random podcast player or click the logos below to add to iTunes or Stitcher.

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