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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (and upcoming TV show) about the dark historical tales that fuel our modern superstitions. Each episode explores the world of mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.


The bigger the city, the easier it is to miss the little details. Stories of loss, tragedy, and horrifying events have a way of vanishing beneath the bustle of everyday life. And no place is better at hiding away its dark secrets than the Big Apple. * * * This episode of Lore was sponsored by: Harry’s: A great shave at a fair price.Sign up...

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Episode 63: Homecoming

June 26th, 2017

Folklore and popular culture are filled with a type of event that seems both unusual and logical: time and time again, criminals return to the source. But as one man proved a century ago, it’s not always easy to go home. * * * This episode of Lore was sponsored by: Audible:Audible content includes an unmatched selection of audiobooks, original...

Folklore and medicine often go hand in hand. In fact, for a long time they were the very same thing. But folklore has a way of leading people to tragic actions—all in the name of getting better. * * * This episode of Lore was sponsored by: Loot Crate:LootCrate is a box of pop culture collectibles—housewares, pins, t-shirts, and collectables—...

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Episode 61: Labor Pains

May 29th, 2017

You can tell a lot about a culture by the things it creates. Tools, exploration, weapons; all of it speaks to the priorities and character of that society. But if that’s true, then what are we supposed to assume about the mind behind one of history’s most bizarre creations? * * * This episode of Lore was sponsored by: The Great Courses Plus:...