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LOVE SEX DESIRE Podcast Series is created for you, women who are interested in love that is deep, sex that is transformative and desire that arises from the soul. If you're looking for inspiring real stories, life-changing resources and powerful insights, Susana Frioni delivers a new episode every Friday. Some of these episodes will also feature an expert guest who shares their personal journey of LOVE SEX DESIRE and the best of what they're living and learning today so you too can transform your relationships and your life.

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in this episode, I chat with Australian Sexologist, Sexuality Coach, Tantra Practitioner and author {and dear friend} Juliet Allen about: her sexual explorations and learnings from 2016 how to unite your 3 energy centers to live a more authentic and integral life navigating motherhood, relationships, and sex having the hard conversations with...

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In this interview, I speak with Holly Wodetzki, dance teacher of Devotional Erotic Dance - a practice dedicated to awakening the feminine nature and embodying it in an artistic expression of love, joy and beauty.

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When gratitude doesn't work.

October 29th, 2016

Gratitude is highly praised in every spiritual environment. I, too, am a big advocate for being in a state of gratitude and appreciation...but never at the expense of this.

Today's guest is anaward-winning somatic sexologist, best-sellingauthor and creator of the Erotic Blueprints. She’s been featured on Good morning America, Nightline and The Doctors. Plus, she’s spoken on stages around the world with leading mentors such as Tony Robbins. Her name is Jaiya and in this episode we discuss: Jaiya's journey to...