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LOVE SEX DESIRE Podcast Series is created for you, women who are interested in love that is deep, sex that is transformative and desire that arises from the soul. If you're looking for inspiring real stories, life-changing resources and powerful insights, Susana Frioni delivers a new episode every Friday. Some of these episodes will also feature an expert guest who shares their personal journey of LOVE SEX DESIRE and the best of what they're living and learning today so you too can transform your relationships and your life.

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How to transform boring sex to great sex with Laura Corn.

January 8th, 2016

Episode 54 of 88 episodes

Today I interview NY Times Bestselling author and the Queen of Erotic Adventures, Laura Corn. Her book 101 Great Nights has sold over 2 million copies and is soon to be released as an App. Laura is also the author of 8 other books and has spent over 15 years researching the sexual practices and desires of men and women. In today's episode, we discuss: the power of mental foreplay how to break boring sexual habits using a simple formula the best way to involve your man in improving your sex life an easy way to begin exploring sexual fantasies and desires the defining moment that led Laura into this career of helping couples have great sex Laura's biggest lesson in relationships and sex monogamy, threesomes, self-pleasure, oral sex and so much more Warning: Laura issuper playful, flirty, cheeky and a whole lotta fun. In other words, we laugh out loud A LOT…and I hope you do too. Big LoveSusana XO

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