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MBW 554: TWiT Different

April 11th, 2017

The Turkish Crime Family's deadline is over - did your iPhone get wiped? Apple could win big under Trump by repatriating assets. We look at the full transcript of Apple's Mac Pro announcement. Mac Pros now compatible with the latest Nvidia graphics cards - but not the trashcan Mac Pro, only the cheese grater version. Apple drops from first to...

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Apple updates the Mac Pro and promises it is "completely rethinking" the design of the upcoming Mac Pro... for 2018. iPad sales are better than you might think. Looks like there won't be a spring event this year. Apple acquires Workflow and makes it free for all. Apple will develop its own GPU, and may buy Toshiba's NAND flash memory...

The Turkish Crime Family wants iTunes gift cards - change your iCloud password! iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS updates are here. Power your MacBook with an iPhone? Trump and Kushner tap Tim Cook. New emoji on the way this summer!Andy's Pick: Autodesk Fusion 360Alex's Pick: Sports EngineRene's Pick: Apple Watch Spring BandsMegan's Pick: The...

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MBW 551: The Eh Team

March 21st, 2017

Apple quietly launches new iPads, iPhone cases, Apple Watch straps, a (Product) Red iPhone 7, a 128GB iPhone SE, and a new social video app called Clips. More reports suggest that augmented reality is Apples "next big thing." Russia finds Apple guilty of fixing prices. A clever hack turns an Apple Watch into a Game Boy Color. And how to get a...