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MBW 430: Gettin' Shingy With It

November 25th, 2014

Episode 17 of 156 episodes

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and Rene Ritchie. Eyes are on Apple as Google Search Deal expires next year, Apple's record breaking $700 billion market cap, Apple's development of iCloud is hindered by a lack of a centralized infrastructure team, Iphone 6 Plus Pixel Peeping, the iPad first-ever decline as shipment growth drops, Beats music in iOS early next year, new things to know about how the Apple Watch works and more! Download or subscribe to this show at twit.tv/mbw. We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes. Bandwidth for MacBreak Weekly is provided by Cachefly. Running time: 01:39:14

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