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Tired of management theory? Want to learn specific skills to help improve your management performance? Then Manager Tools is the podcast for you! Manager Tools is a weekly business podcast focused on helping professionals become more effective managers and leaders. Each week, we discuss specific actions for professionals to take to achieve their desired management and career objectives. Manager Tools won Best Business Podcast Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2012 as well as the People's Choice Award in 2008. Go to http://www.manager-tools.com/testimonials to read what others are saying about the impact Manager Tools has had on their careers and lives.


Bad Boss #1 - When You Have Directs

March 22nd, 2009

Episode 33 of 495 episodes

Most of us, when we have an angry and demeaning boss, tend to worry about ourselves first. We have to deal with most of the yelling, and most of the abuse. But if we have directs, we've got an additional responsibility. And our directs may be somewhat sheltered, but our boss can be REALLY threatening and fear‐inducing. We have a relationship of SOME sorts with this bad boss. But it's likely our directs ONLY see our boss at his or her worst. And, we almost always underestimate how much more fear our directs feel for their "skip‐boss" than we do. We've got to talk to our directs about this kind of boss, in a professional way, and we've got to have a consistent approach for dealing with the problems an angry and demeaning boss creates for our team. Here's how.

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