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Pastor Mark Driscoll

At Mars Hill Church, it’s all about Jesus. Every week on this channel, we distribute sermons, teachings from events, and other messages from Pastor Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill’s founding and preaching pastor, for our extended church family on the internet. You can find more sermons and other content like this at marshill.com.

Ten Commandments #10 - Do Not Covet

November 17th, 2013

Episode 59 of 106 episodes

If you could have anyone’s car, home, abilities, physical appearance, spouse, or life, whose would you have? If you answered, what was just awakened in you is coveting—an ungodly, discontented desire for what's not ours. If you answered, you’re a coveter; if you didn’t, you’re a liar. How do we come to want what God wants for us?

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