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#146.2 : Hokkaido Workshop 2008 - Slideshow Video (for iPod)

July 14th, 2008

Episode 162 of 619 episodes

This is the iPod version of a slideshow compilation of photographs from the MBP Winter Wildlife Wonderland Workshop, held in Hokkaido, Japan, in January 2008. There is also a full sized video that will look great on your computer screen, or Apple TV, which is Episode #146.1. If you want to grab both, be my guest, but the download will take a while. If you use Windows, you can also view the video with the Photodex Plugin, and right click to view full screen. The download is much smaller too, though the quality is top class. Find the Photodex version here: http://www.mbpworkshops.com/HokkaidoWorkshop2008Slideshow.php And if you want to see the Adobe Flash version, that's here: http://www.mbpworkshops.com/HokkaidoWorkshop2008FlashSlideshow.php

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