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The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast provides education and inspiration through a mix of art, creativity and technical topics, interviews, gear reviews and travelogue style episodes. Full archive at http://mbp.ac/blog


#94.1 : Podcast Award Nominations - I Need Your Help!

July 13th, 2007

Episode 99 of 619 episodes

The 2007 Podcast Award Nominations are in progress, so I need your help for a few minutes before the end of July 15th, 2007. If you enjoy the MBP Podcast and find it useful, please vote for it in the 2007 Podcast Awards. The site can be found at the address below. Martin Bailey Photography Podcast, along with the Photography Forum and Galleries is the Best Photography Education Resource on the Web! Show your support today by nominating me for the Education Category, and if I may be so bold, the People's Choice category too. You can't vote for more than these two categories, so please don't go crazy. Also, if you know of anyone that enjoys the Podcast, mail them and let them know about the nominations so that we can really have a chance of making a noise. Anyway, here's the link for the nomination form: http://podcastawards.com/index.php?option=nominate Remember the Podcast name is: Martin Bailey Photography Podcast The Podcast URL is: www.martinbaileyphotography.com/podcasts.php It's give-back time!!! :D

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