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September 9th, 2015

Episode 314 of 923 episodes

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for September 09, 2015 is: foodie \FOO-dee\ noun : a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads Examples: As a foodie, Molly gets excited whenever a new restaurant opens in the area. "Compared with other rice types, basmati is a low-yielding crop; increased demand by foodies all over the world has led to higher prices." Ruth Taber, The El Paso (Texas) Times, 5 Aug. 2015 Did you know? Foodie is a relatively recent addition to our language (dating from the early 1980s), but it derives from a much older word, food, which has been with us for as long as there has been anything that could be called English. Food can be traced back through Middle English to the Old English form fōda, which is itself related to Old High German fuotar, meaning "food" or "fodder," and Latin panis, meaning "bread." Panis is the source for empanada (a turnover with a sweet or savory filling), panatela (a type of cigar), panettone (a kind of bread containing raisins and candied fruit), and pantry (a room used for the storage of provisions).

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