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On ABC Classic FM Midday, Margaret Throsby interviews special guests who give extraordinary insights into their life and work, thoughts and feelings. Margaret's guest list reads like a who's who of Australia and the world, but also includes less well-known people with their own remarkable stories. It is Margaret's warmth and her deep engagement with people that make these ABC Classic FM Midday interviews a 'must subscribe' podcast.


Professor Edgar Peltenburg

May 29th, 2015

Episode 91 of 243 episodes

As citizens of the modern world, we take the phenomenon of city living for granted. However, around 3000 BC, pastoral nomads living in what we now know as northern Syria decided to cease their itinerant way of life and settle down in what became the world's first urbanisations, such as the ancient city of Carchemish. Professor Edgar Peltenburg is an expert on the archaeology of the region.

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