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Amphibious Assault with British Royal Marines and Portuguese

November 5th, 2015

Episode 270 of 301 episodes

Portuguese and British Marines perform a beach landing alongside other NATO nations at a Portuguese military base in Troia, Portugal during rehearsals for a media demonstration day. Journalist: Laurence Cameron Restrictions: This media asset is free for editorial broadcast, print, online and radio use. It is restricted for use for other purposes. SHOTLIST: 00:00:00:00 VS PORTUGUESE BOARDING PARTY RAPPELS FROM HELICOPTER ONTO DECK OF CIVILIAN SHIP. 00:00:15:09 WS ROYAL MARINE COMMANDOS IN SMALL RIB LAND ON BEACH 00:00:28:14 MS ROYAL MARINE LANDING CRAFT HEADS TOWARDS BEACH 00:00:32:14 VS ROYAL MARINE LANDING CRAFT DISEMBARK ROYAL MARINE COMMANDOS ONTO BEACH 00:01:13:13 VS PORTUGUESE MARINES DISEMBARK FROM LANDING CRAFT ONTO BEACH. PORTUGUESE COMBAT CAMERA TAKES PHOTOGRAPHS 00:01:36:10 VS ROYAL MARINE LANDING CRAFT DISEMBARK ROYAL MARINE COMMANDOS ONTO BEACH 00:02:03:09 VS ROYAL MARINE ARMOURED PERSONEEL CARRIERS DISEMBARK FROM LANDING CRAFT ONTO BEACH 00:02:39:16 SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) Commander Rogerio Brito, CO Portuguese Fuzileros Battalion, Commander of Combined Landing Force speaking in front of beach in Troia, Portugal. ‘It’s a big challenge. Trident Juncture is a result of interoperability so these demonstrations or DVD, is also a big challenge, once we are trying to develop interoperability between all the nations participating in this event.’ 00:02:59:16 ‘The main difficulty is co-ordination because, it’s not the weather because you are used to do or to perform this kind of operation in this kind of weather, it’s not the sea state, it’s more the co-ordinations between all the countries involved.’ 00:03:17:16 ‘So we will start with SOF, Special Operations Forces insertion on the beach. We will have some pre-landing forces arriving on the beach, so after that in order to shape the objective area and after that we will have the landing forces landing on the beach with different landing crafts. And the last phase is for logistic purposes so we will have sustainable to put goods and weapons and ammunitions ashore in order to provide good conditions for landing force working on the objective area.’ 00:03:56:16 ‘The world is changing so nowadays the big threat is more asymmetric than conventional so we need to be prepared to do or react against these threats. The security on the beach is very very important in order to put boots on the ground and after that conduct all the operations in order to give more safe and secure environment to this objective area.’

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