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Presented by Steve Bloomfield, this is Monocle 24’s flagship global-affairs show featuring interviews with political leaders and in-depth analysis of the big issues of the day. Featured as a ‘best classic podcast’ in the iTunes best of 2016 collection.


As the fallout from the US secretary of state Rex Tillerson’s tour of Asia shows, treating the media like the enemy can cause problems.

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Iceland’s triumph

March 18th, 2017

No nation fell as far during the 2008 global financial crisis as Iceland. But unlike other countries Iceland decided to hold those responsible for the crash to account. Now, nine years on, the country has recovered. What can other nations learn from Iceland’s actions?

The dream of working less and relaxing more is not a new one. But for too long we’ve talked about work purely in terms of money.

The first of Europe’s big-three elections of 2017 takes place next week; in the Netherlands it is yet another test for liberal democracy. Monocle’s Steve Bloomfield is joined by Philippe Remarque, editor in chief of ‘De Volkskrant’, and [Emilie van...