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Our guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining, The Menu serves up interviews with the world’s most creative chefs, introduces the makers behind the scenes and the ingredients that will soon be landing on your restaurant table.


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December 2nd, 2016

Author Tim Hayward has written a book focusing on the world’s greatest knives, from extravagantly expensive Japanese sushi blades to the humble bread knife. Also on the show: Dutch chef Sergio Herman’s new potato-related project and why home-brewing is easier than ever before.

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We take a tour of Melbourne’s Victoria Street, locally known as Little Saigon, with Monocle correspondent Adrian Craddock.

Influential French chef Pierre Koffmann on what defines his cooking, an Australian take on gin and why the world could learn a lesson or two from the Swiss slow-food movement.

With a reputation as a stronghold for anarchists, students and intellectuals, the district of Exarchia in downtown Athens is going through the gradual process of gentrification. It is not famous for its food – yet. But that is bound to change thanks to the area’s many hidden gems.