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JB Glossinger brings it, no other way to describe this podcast, as raw truth. If you are looking for motivation, lifestyle design ideas, and overall fun then this is the place to be. You have found the "archaeologist of life," who has studied human potential, performance, and esoteric truths for over 40 years. This is a place to learn there is a better way.


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#2683 Sacred 6 - Keep It Simple

January 21st, 2017

Time to check in on how your Sacred 6 process is working. Lets focus on getting through this month on task. Today I (JB Glossinger) go over thoughts and ideas to keep you focused on your mission.

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Are you an investor? Do you realize your time is the biggest investment you can make? How about knowing the difference between investing and trading. Today I (JB Glossinger) will show you the difference and also help you put on your investment hat.

The flowering of human consciousness and peace, that is what we are going to be discussing today on the show. I (JB Glossinger) will take you through the final 2 chapters of the New Earth and put great energy out there.

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#2680 The Power of KISS

January 18th, 2017

A kiss can be VERY powerful, but what also can be powerful is the acronym for KISS - Keep it Short and Simple. Today I (JB Glossinger) take you through the deep reasons why it is important to keep is simple.