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Listen to the stories of a child, then add your own ending. In addition to fun, this collaborative storytelling podcast and free coloring pages (created by a eight-year old girl and her dad) is an educational blend of playful learning and technology designed to help children, their parents, and educators around the world enhance their communication skills. So visit My Baby Monsters and become part of the story as you learn through kids' stories and imagination.


- A very special episode: the children's book that started it all (My Baby Monsters and I went to the Park... a playful storytelling audiobook podcast with some Peter and the Wolf-like classical music by the authors)

November 10th, 2006

Episode 35 of 70 episodes

My Baby Monsters and I Went to the Park is a playful story of a young child and her imaginary friends conquering the big kids' playground. It was written by a little girl (with some help from her daddy). Buy children's book "Fun fun fun" Alice Day "This book is really special" Julia Story more about children's book Listen for free to the amazing children's book that started it all. My dad and I love reading our fun children's book for boys and girls around the world. Since we can't visit everyone, we made a special audio storybook version of our children's book for you.... and if you watch the podcast above, you can see all of our children's picture book's illustrations too. Since my dad and I wrote this children's book together, we love to read it together too. I read the baby monster parts, and my dad reads the narrations. We've also made a few changes in this audio edition so you can follow along if you don't have a copy of our children's book in front of you. The biggest change is music. We love music, all types... and so do the baby monsters. Some love classical music, some swing to jazz, and some bounce in rhythm to Cuban dance music. For this reason, and so you know which baby monster is talking, each baby monster in this audio storybook is its own musical instrument... just like in the amazing children's story and classical music piece, Peter and the Wolf. So what instruments are the baby monsters? Candy Fish is a Flute, Sun Flower is a Clarinet, Dog is base Strings, Shooting Star is a Symphony Piano, Eye Scream is a Trumpet, Lollypop Girl is a Slide Trombone, Bubblegum Boy is a Saxophone, Helping Hands is Bongo Drums with Bells, The Parents (Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa) are all Bassoons, Little Bird is a Piccolo, and Scaredy Carrot, well she couldn't make up her percussion mind, so she is a Timpani Drum and Cymbals. Fun for the whole family! There are lots of surprises in this audio storybook. In addition to new songs and silliness, we play the new Nintendo Wii tickle game. And be sure to get your own Free Coloring Page of the fun children's book. Have fun, -- Josie (and dad) A note from the daddy: Thank you for listening to our story. My Baby Monsters and I Went to the Park is very special to me since the children's story comes from my daughter's imagination. While it was born by three house moving hurricanes and one baby, like any life form, it grows with each retelling. And while I'm glad that children and adults across the globe continue to enjoy this children's book, I will be even happier if it inspires you to read, hear, see, color, and share stories at the My Baby Monsters children's story sharing Web site, a place where children around the world build stories together. Without you, there is no story.

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