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Listen to the stories of a child, then add your own ending. In addition to fun, this collaborative storytelling podcast and free coloring pages (created by a eight-year old girl and her dad) is an educational blend of playful learning and technology designed to help children, their parents, and educators around the world enhance their communication skills. So visit My Baby Monsters and become part of the story as you learn through kids' stories and imagination.


[My Baby Monsters: storytelling podcast 11] EPISODE XI: THE LOST SPACE STORIES (Darth Vader visits NASA while Pluto disappears)

September 1st, 2006

Episode 26 of 70 episodes

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Episode XI, THE LOST SPACE STORIES It is a historic period of revision. On the edge of a small solar system, on a Mickey Mouse planet named Pluto,My Baby Monsters were playfully busy creating stories, art, and podcasts for the children of Earth. And all was Vader-ific on this remote Disney world, until it's small world size and eccentric orbit forced the IAU empire to turn Pluto into a seven Dwarf Planet. Made Grumpy by this news, Baby Monster Com-PutOr, the 3rd broke down and refused to work, and as he powered down all of the stories were lost. But our space saga did not end there, because the children of Earth used their imagination to bring new hope, thus restoring freedom to the galaxy and bringing this NASA-mazing, Star Wars-tastic episode back to life. Children's stories from this podcast: (click link to read or add on to a story) Question to an alien (storytelling game) All about aliens, planets, and science fiction movies Are you an Alien or an Astronaut? (storytelling game) A special Star Wars guest Life on Mars (storytelling game) Life on Meatball Planet Darth Vader is my dad The lion in outer space that couldn't breathe (daddy's story) The lion in outer space that could breathe (daddy's story) Space Monkey (a song by Jim Hodgson, guest artist) Be sure to get our FREE Daddy's Little Alien Girl coloring page. It's a self-portrait. In this show: We learn that my daddy is an alien. Do you know what type? We go to outer space with NASA astronauts on NASA's Web TV. We learn about the Voyager Spacecraft (not shuttle), and We heard what the people of earth want to say to aliens. We also listen to your new stories (The present that ran away and The best birthday present in the world). And while we don't talk about Pluto, we will still miss it. As always, we play a lot of storytelling games. My dad knows a lot about storytelling. Daddy's Little Girl (Alien Edition) Open your eyes, it's a face only a father -– well, and a daughter, but definitely not a mother -– could love. The My Baby Monsters children's story sharing podcast is a collaborative storytelling podcast for kids, parents, and teachers.To share your stories, visit MyBabyMonsters.com Have fun, -- Josie (and dad)

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