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This is a special announcement for listeners of My Daily Phrase Italian. Here at Radio Lingua we're getting ready to launch Coffee Break Italian, a newin-depth language course following in the footsteps of Coffee Break French, Spanish and German. Coffee Break Italian will have its own podcast feed and you will not continue to receive episodes of...

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Happy European Day of Languages to all our listeners! By way of joining in this international celebration of languages and language-learning we're delighted to introduce eight new podcasts today. We're adding Catalan, Danish, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Romanian to our One Minute Languages series; we're introducing our first podcast for...

The latest news from Radio Lingua including details of Coffee Break Spanish arrangements, new podcasts launched this autumn and the Radio Lingua video contest in which you can win an iPod.

One Minute Languages Courses are now available as premium podcasts with lesson guides and enhanced podcasts.