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Announcement - Something special for Valentine's day from Radio Lingua

February 11th, 2007

Episode 36 of 123 episodes

Radio Lingua International is proud to announce a series of one-off podcasts for the week of St Valentine's. Love Lingo will teach listeners "the language of love" in daily podcasts from Monday 12th until Friday 16th February 2007, and each day a different language will be used. Listeners to existing Radio Lingua podcasts will be interested to know that within the Love Lingo podcasts there will be secret codes announced which will give access to discounted subscriptions to MyDailyPhrase Italian and Coffee Break Spanish. So if you were thinking about signing up, you may well get a reduction if you listen in to Love Lingo. More information about Love Lingo can be found on http://www.lovelingo.net or by emailing [email protected]

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