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15.24 – MU Podcast

June 24th, 2016

Episode 93 of 144 episodes

Crop Circle researcher Megan Heazlewood joins us in the studio this week to share her insights on the beauty and science of the worldwide circle phenomenon. Our review of David Paulides' latest research and recent presentation in Sydney follows for Plus+ members which includes details on the Missing 411 pattern appearing in American cities. Sponsors Atlassian –Atlassian provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential. Alarm.com – Visit Alarm.com/mu to find smart-home security experts in your area. Casper Mattresses- Get $50 toward any mattress purchase by using offer code MYSTERIOUS -visit www.casper.com/MYSTERIOUS Links Megan Heazlewood Official Website Crop Circle Diaries Biophysicist and crop circle researcher W.C. Levengood Penny Kelly Crop Circles: BLT: Dr. Levengood and the truth about his PhD and other qualifications Life and Times of Lefty Levengood Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries Secrets In The Fields: The Science And Mysticism Of Crop Circles The Secret History Of Crop Circles: Recording The Phenomenon In Days Of Old The 2002 'Alien Face' Formation Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click HERE. The CanAm Missing Project Missing 411 - A Sobering Coincidence 'The Manchester Pusher': Relatives of canal death victims raise claims of serial killer in TV documentary THE GRISLY ‘SMILEY FACE KILLER’ THEORY THAT CONNECTS 40 COLLEGE STUDENTS’ DEATHS Music Everydayz Phazz - Almeria (20syl Remix)via Hullabaloo Slugabed - i luv u i miss uvia YES/NO Music AFSHeeN - Tunnelvia Acid Stag Midland - Blush via My Music Dealers TOBACCO - Human Omvia Brooklyn Vegan

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