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16.04 – MU Podcast

August 5th, 2016

Episode 98 of 144 episodes

Biologist Christie Wilcox joins us this week to discuss her upcoming book 'Venomous' and the world's deadliest creatures. Wilcox takes us on a thrilling tour of the "assassins" of the animal kingdom, relivesher own close encounters with danger,and reveals the power and potential of these animals and their potent toxins. Sponsors Blue Apron – Get your first 3meals FREE—WITH FREE SHIPPING—visitblueapron.com/mysterious Squarespace – Use the offer code MU at checkout to get 10% off. Dr. Christie Wilcox Christie's Website Pre-order 'Venomous' Dr. Christie Wilcox [email protected] Could You Pass the Bullet Ant Test? The worst pain known to man Links 23andMe Pulls Off Massive Crowdsourced Depression Study Peter Thiel Is Very, Very Interested in Young People's Blood Hey, Silicon Valley: you might not want to inject yourself with the blood of the young just yet Humpback whales around the globe are mysteriously rescuing animals from orcas Australia's bungling spies dialled wrong numbers and bugged wrong phones Monkeys steal secret documents at Malacca army camp Plus+ Links The extension of the show is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click HERE. The Sting of the Wild Fortean Times Ghosts of Knighton Gorges Elohim Light Language Healing And Activation New Moon in Leo + Sound Healing + Light Language (Aug 2016) LIGHT LANGUAGE ACTIVATION -HEAL PAST LIFE TRAUMA 初めての宇宙語Light Languageライトランゲージ Awkward Connie Nakamura Nakamura Connie first DVD "standing Nante by Connie" - idle - of strawberry country Australian YouTuber - Archie Luxury Music Aileron - 02 - Mirage viaLa Musique Sismique Mind Enterprises - Chapita via ALIAT DeeB - Outskirts (Chillhop Records)via StereoFox TENDER - Outside via The REVUE Bodhi - Ngomavia Tsugi Hoodboi - Closer via Genre Confused Flamingosis - Ohhh Baby via Abduction Radiation WRLD x FatherDude - Galaxies (Ardency Remix) (NEST067) via La Musique Sismique

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