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16.13 – MU Podcast

October 7th, 2016

Episode 107 of 144 episodes

Veteran fieldresearcher Chuck Zukowski joins us this week to providemore insight into his continuing 37th Parallel research. With over 30 years experience in UFO investigations, cattle mutilations, and other related fields, Zukowski has a unique, hands-on perspective that reveals a keen understanding of the true depth of these mysteries. Sponsors BOMBAS - Check out bombas.com and get 20% off and free shipping on your first order of4 or more pairs! Squarespace - Get 10% off your first purchase using the offer code "MU". Chuck Zukowski Chuck Zukowski Official Website The 37th Parallel Cattle Mutilations; It’s always been about the blood! 16.08 – MU Podcast Links Boeing CEO jabs SpaceX, says Mars explorers will ride his rocket Implication of sabotage adds intrigue to SpaceX investigation ULA MISSIONS Cows Engineered with Human Genes Could Stop Our Next Disease Outbreak Celebrities Living In Underground Cities Osei Kufuor / Celebrities Underground Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click HERE. Man outside himself : the methods of astral projection Shapeshifters In Government BLACK SCIENCE TV 111 CIA Monitoring African Extra-terrestrials From Area-51 Global Warming Is Melanin Melanin considered for bio-friendly electronics Melanin Theory The Skin We're In Music PatrickReza - Escape via Wonky Sensitive Dorisburg - Emotion via ElectroCorp Klyne - Water Flow via Acid Stag Kidnap Kid - Mistvia Acid Stag Stylust Beats - Bandanavia Winnie Cooper Big Wild - InvincibleviaPilerats Ye. - (Hlsy Flip) via Waxhole Letherette - Shanelvia 8106 Mark Knight - Yebisahvia Data Transmission Banner Texture via mercurycode -Premium Texture Pack #10 | Transition

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