Nerdette Recaps Game Of Thrones With Peter Sagal

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Peter Sagal of Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me joins Greta Johnsen and Tricia Bobeda of Nerdette weekly to scrutinize the latest Game of Thrones episode.

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If there’s one thing to learn about staying alive in Westeros, it’s never go to a party, ever. Tricia, Greta and Peter toast off the Season 7 premiere, giving their takeaways of bad boy pirateEuron, the Frey dinner party and Sam's library chores. They also share what they see when they look deeply into a fire.

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Where exactly is Bran again? Does Cersei have any kids left? Are Tyrion and Daenerys besties?A lot went down in the last season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. To help refresh your memory, Tricia Bobeda, Greta Johnsen and Peter Sagal recap the last season and take a stab at making their own predictions for the next season, which premieres July 16.You...

The endgame is set to begin. Is Daenerys' coalition of the willing the squad to beat? What can Cersei do after her conflagratory masterpiece, and is she beholden to the second half of her miserable prophecy? What new brutality can we expect from Those Who Do Not Sow? What of Jon? Littlefinger? Arya? Sam? And will any of it matter against an army...

Eddard Stark was an honorable man. That we knew. But now that it seems that R+L=J, what does that mean for Jon? What were the whispers that Bran was conveniently too far away to hear? Is the Cersei we knew gone forever, and if so, what is she now? And why is it only the main characters who seem to find the express ships?JoinWait Wait... Don't...