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Black Diamond is a small city on the verge of big growth. It recently came through a budget crisis that threatened to shut down the city – including its police department. Kara McDermott of KUOW's Region of Boom talked with Commander Brian Martinez about how the city is now moving forward.

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The young mom texted her boyfriend: “Come and get the girls or call 911. I’m about to shoot myself.”

About a dozen counties in Washington state are singled out in a new report from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. It’s the first of an ongoing weekly report that spotlights local jails considered “uncooperative” on federal immigration enforcement.

Workers continue their efforts to get the West Point Treatment Plant in Seattle up and running. The plant was crippled by a flood last month and it continues to spew solid waste into the Puget Sound every day. And restoring the plant's full treatment capacity relies on its tiniest workers – bugs: microorganisms that kill harmful bacteria and...