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A selection of messages from Nexus Church in Brisbane, Australia. For more information, check out http://mynexus.com.au.

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Making Time

April 9th, 2017

Sun 6:00 PM | Ps. Dan reminds us that God is waiting to speak to us but we need to make time to listen.

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The Power of The Cross

April 9th, 2017

Sun 10:15 AM | Ps. Murray teaches us of the reforming power of The Cross

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The First Test

April 2nd, 2017

Sun 6:00 PM | Ps. Mark Varughese challenges us with the question: Is Jesus just 'Jesus' or is He 'Lord Jesus'?

Sun 10:15 AM | Ps. Mark Varughese teaches us that the pebble in our shoe will be a bigger distraction in our walk than the boulder in our path.